Biblioteca Comunale

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In fondo alla Piazza Ŕ l'antico Palazzo dell'UniversitÓ ,oggi sede della Biblioteca Comunale fondata nel 1688. Vi si custodiscono : 260.000 volumi , 647 incunaboli ,oltre 2000 codici e manoscritti, 3000 autografi , 6000 stampe e 2000 disegni.


Municipal Library

Fermo Municipal library, is inside the palace of studies, is between the first 10 of Italy and the richest of Marche.
It has got 128 codes, more than 400.000 volumes, 686 incunables (the most ancient dates back to 1470), 15.000 "Cinquecentine", 6.000 prints of famous authors and more than 2.000 drawings.
The library origins date back to 1511, but 1688 is the year of its official foundation.
Afterwards this date, many donations, for quality and quantity of volumes gave to the library a remarkable importance. First of all that made by doctor Romolo Spezioli in 1720, personal doctor of the Queen Cristina of Sweden, who gave her 12.500 volumes, between them the "Liber Horarum" (parchment codex of the XV century with delicately illuminated paper) belonged to the Queen.
The library begins in the room called "Globe room" because of a big globe, work of the map-maker Silvestro Moroncelli dated 1712, that harmonizes with the ligneous ceiling rich in baroque ornaments. A wonderful walnut shelf is arranged to the walls with gallery and artistic lacunar ceiling, dating back to the year of foundation.